loft style apt. Toronto Ontario

My home is only available when I'm going on vacation, which isn't alot, maybe once or twice a year. I live in a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 storey loft apt. with 2 other young gay guys (25 & 20). It's most likely when I go on vacation my one roommate(best friend) will also be with me so possibly 2 rooms would be available:) I live just west of dtwn. Toronto. 20 mins to all main attractions dtwn, with 2 street car stops right in front of our house (24 hour service) and subway / five min. walk from the house. The house consists of 3 bedrooms upstairs, balcony off of one room and the master bathroom with jacuzzi. Downstairs is the kitchen and living room with the 2nd bathroom and loft for guests over the kitchen.


E-mail, A/C, Internet, Cable tv, Gourmet Kitchen, Near public transportation, Near Gay bars

House Rules

Well first off, I treat others with respect and expect nothing but the same in return. I expect my house to be left in the same condition it is when the person/people leave, just as I would do to their house. My house is a retreat and somewhere to stay while someone is on vacation, it's not a party palace to be demolished for me when I return.
3 Bedrooms
6 Guests
No Smoking
Yes Children
No Pets
Located in Toronto,Ontario,CA


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