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Toronto Canada

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About Us

Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nutity is a fully legal and democratic social group for men, without discrimination or prejudice.

We are a group of fun loving men who:

  • enjoy being naked with other men
  • promote comradery and respect for the body
  • create a friendly, welcoming environment for naked socializing and making friends
  • provide a variety of naked social events in many different settings
  • promote positive body image and social acceptance of nudity
  • come from all walks of life, social status, ages (above nineteen) and interests

Naked Events

We hold and sponsor naked events, with as few as a couple to as many as several hundred men during swims, yoga, bowling, dances, house-parties, game nights, art showings, retreats, special interest gatherings, or other such healthy physical social activities.

Attendee numbers are restricted by space limitations or are set by the host(s). TNT!MEN is a naturist organization. Some of our events are held in sex-positive spaces. Please consult the event host or venue to ask about acceptable behaviour. Illicit drugs are strictly forbidden at TNT!MEN events. Photography and audio or video recordings may only be made by authorized artists, who must receive the permission of the subject(s) and the board of TNT!MEN.


Our members or guests are consenting adults and must be 19 years of age or older. Consult Benefits of Membership to read about the advantages of becoming a TNT!MEN Member.

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