United States - Washington
The Olympians

The Olympians are a social club for Gay (and straight but not narrow) men who enjoy the freedom which comes with Nudity.  Originally conceived in 1986, a small group of gay men decided to create a social group where they could enjoy each other's company in a casual setting, while having the ability to be completely naked and natural while doing so. Demographics: Our members range in age from late 20's to mid-70's. We also come in every shape and size imaginable and run the gamut from completely smooth to very furry. Our members' "members" also come in every shape and size (in case you were curious).  We are an INCLUSIVE group and don't want anyone to feel unwelcome! We're about feeling good in your own skin. What we do: The group gets together in whole or in part on a monthly basis. We call these "events". They are not necessarily "parties" but potluck functions, which consist of a meal and dessert, followed with social interaction and "other" forms of contact, including physical. These events are usually hosted in the homes of OLYMPIANS' members, but a few times a yea

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Triangle Recreation Camp

Triangle Recreation Camp is a non profit, membership, volunteer run gay campground in the Mount Baker National Forest area of Washington, just outside of Seattle. Catering to gay and lesbian outdoor enthusiasts, TRC is celebrating their 35th year in 2010. Triangle Recreation Camp is located in Washington's Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest, near the town of Silverton on the scenic Mountain Loop Highway. The driving distance is 68 miles from Seattle and 146 miles (234 km) from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Camping amenities include overnight camping as well as RV camping. TRC is quite rustic (but no less fun than other gay campgrounds) and is located way out in the mountains. There are no permanent toilets (only porta-potties), no shower facilities or running water (save for the glacier fed river). TRC is for striclty PRIMITIVE camping. A limited number of RV sites are available, but these do not come with any services, all RV's must be self contained. Many campers opt to use a solar shower (especially from mid-July to late August, when the weather is more reliably sunny), which can be obtained cheaply from any camping supply store; others heat water ove

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