United States - New York
Males au Naturel

Males au Naturel ("MAN") is a men's social naturist* group based in New York City with around 125 members.  At MAN, you can hang out nude in a non-sexual atmosphere. We organize indoor and outdoor events all year 'round in the New York area. 

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Come hang out clothes free and invite your friends. Nude Men Only.  Social Nudism: a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect and respect for others.

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Romans Rochester Male Naturists

Rochester Male Naturists (ROMANS)  A social organization of Gay Naturists located in Rochester, New York Our group is 23 years old and many of our members have been in the club for 10 plus years. The medium age of our members is fifty. We come in all shapes and sizes. Social Nudism and the ROMANS may not be for everyone. If you are looking for a comfortable and welcoming group in which to give naturism a try, you might want to consider us. Maybe you would even prefer to meet with a couple of us over coffee before attending a group activity. ROMANS meetings are held at members’ homes with the homeowner serving as host. Often there is a theme to the party. Many of our hosts have hot tubs for nude soaking, and there is always lots of socializing and jokes. It is not a requirement to be able to host in order to join. Membership is open to men over 21 years of age who have an interest in social nudism.  Most members come from the greater Rochester area, though Buffalo, Finger Lakes, Syracuse, Utica and the southern tier are also represented.  

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Syracuse Naked Men

Syracuse Naked Men is a social naturist group to promote friendship and naked comradery! All males who are gay-friendly (or curious) should feel comfortable at our events. We are not a sex club, and you will not feel like you are in a beauty or "endowment" contest. Organized in 2001, we get together monthly in a festive small-party atmosphere with emphasis on casual meeting and conversation. Activities range from naked holiday gatherings to summer barbecues, with occasional pot-luck dinners, swimming and dancing. Don't miss our annual Naked New Year's Eve! Men of all ages over 21 are welcome. Attendance ranges from about twenty-five people to more than forty, depending upon the event. Our parties are always friendly. After all, when clothes disappear, so do social barriers!

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