United States - Connecticut
Bare and Gay of Connecticut

  B&G of Connecticut is a private social club for male naturists.  Formed in March, 1986, B&G was one of the first successful nudist clubs for men in the Northeast.      Our club’s members hail from throughout the region and are comprised of men of different ages, races, backgrounds, occupations and economic status. Although, B&G originally stood for Bare & Gay, our understanding of sexual fluidity and bi-sexuality has changed, and how one chooses to identity their sexual orientation, if at all, does not exclude membership.  Our main objective is that our members are comfortable being naked in a social, friendly atmosphere with men, whether gay, bi, straight or questioning.     Members of B&G recognize that participation in our group may involve two issues for new members - the individual’s comfort level with joining an organization where many of the members identify as gay or bisexual, and attending a nude event for the first time. For those reasons, we are sensitive to the needs of new members for whom either issue or both issues are first time experiences.  Confidentiality is r

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