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A-MEN celebrated its 10th anniversary in December 2012. We're looking for new members and event hosts in and around the greater Long Beach, Orange County, and South Bay areas. Hosts earn free membership and more!

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Bare Buns California

Bare Buns California was founded in 1987 and is the longest established and largest club in San Diego for men who practice social nudism. We currently have a membership who share the belief that everything about the human body is natural and that the best place for men to appreciate being without clothing is in ordinary settings. We host activities both indoors and outdoors, usually at the homes of members, and are not clothing optional - - nudity is required at all functions, weather permitting. Our activities vary from season to season and may include pool or hot tub parties, weekends in the mountains or desert, holiday parties, Black's Beach get-togethers, nude hikes, trips to local nudist resorts, and inclusion with the activities of other gay nudist groups. Like many gay naturist clubs, we struggle with the perception that the group is a sex club. Our social activities are designed to respect normal moral constraints; however, we also acknowledge the sexual openness of the gay culture and are not judgemental of individuals who may choose to seek privacy for personal encouters. At some activities, discrete areas are set up to allow for this. Membership is op

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California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) is an international social organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy nude social and recreational activities. CMEN hosts the West Coast Gathering for naturist men in Southern California, naturist gatherings in Northern California and Tennessee, and other nudist recreation events in the greater Los Angeles area throughout the year. As naturists we enjoy being nude, preferably outdoors, for social and recreational activities. We enjoy the freedom of being without clothes whenever possible and practical.  Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of nudity, with the intention of encouraging body acceptance, self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment. Social nudity is an expression of naturism, exploiting the beneficial effects of the sun, the air and water. We take the nude human body for what it is: a gift of nature, dignified and worthy of respect. No body parts are shameful; none need take on more significance than others. Naturists think that all natural bodies are whole and complete, no matter what shape they take, or what scars they bear. Bei

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Join Homosensuality.net for a relaxed holiday afternoon of swimming, socializing and massage with a great group of naked guys. Bottled water provided. If you'd like other drinks (non-alcoholic only) or snacks, please bring them.

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LIAHO - Let It All Hang Out

LIAHO is a nudist club for gay and gay-friendly men in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We welcome all men who enjoy socializing in the nude with other men. We get together once or twice a month for potlucks, barbecues, pool parties, movie nights, workshops, etc. All LIAHO events are private parties,  open exclusively to club members and their guests. It should be emphasized that LIAHO is not a sex club. If sex, rather than social nudity, is what you are seeking, you may be better served by another group. The success of any club calls for personal involvement. For this reason, all members participate in making LIAHO work by hosting events, joining committees, helping with setup and/or cleanup, etc.

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PSSST - Palm Springs Social Sun Tanners

We are a group of nearly 300 gay and bisexual male nudists and naturists who enjoy being naked in a social environment and organization. Our activities take place in the Palm Springs, California area. Check out our Activities page for information on our naked parties, social events and "strip & dips". We are a cooperative social club, not a business venture. PSSST is an all-volunteer, member-driven organization.

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