RANG - Richmond Area Nude Guys

Email : rangmembership@aol.com

Address :
Richmond, Virginia

City :  RIchmond

State :  Virginia

Country :  United States

Website :  https://sites.google.com/site/richmondareanudeguys/about

Campground Description

R.A.N.G., Richmond Area Nude Guys, was founded in July, 1995 to provide a local organization where gay naturists can enjoy nude recreation and/or social events in the privacy of their homes.

RANG members sponsor events where other naturists can meet and participate in a natural atmosphere that nude socialization provides.

RANG members also realize that sex is a natural occurrence just as being nude. However RANG does not promote sex at its functions and asks all to be sensitive to others regarding this subject. Overt sexual activity, and photographing without permission are strictly prohibited.

Nude is Natural………

R.A.N.G. is for Social Nudism.  

The American Association for Nude Recreation states, “social nudists find many reasons to enjoy and appreciate the lifestyle. Some seek a healthy body through sports and fitness programs in the nude while others search for relief from mental strain and stress caused by today’s harsh business environment. Regardless of individual motivation for joining our organization, there are common ideals and beliefs that we call the nudist philosophy.  

Although we are not affiliated with the AANR, R.A.N.G. has adopted this philosophy and promotes it as we make others aware of the naturist way of living.

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