Pride Float Missouri

Address :
Lebanon Missouri

City :  Lebanon

State :  Missouri

Country :  United States

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Campground Description

Pridefloat is about a bunch of gay guys and gals from all over the Mid-West (mostly Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Illinois) camping together for five days and four nights and having a good time. For the past 6 years we have had 15 different states represented! Wow! Each year we have a blast making new friends and seeing our old ones again. Pridefloat is open to gay men and women, couples, singles, and gay friendly Heterosexuals. Pridefloat is one place where gay men and women can actually get to know each other, understand and appreciate our differences, and have fun together. We feel there is not enough events that incorporate gay men and women together as equals. We have many who return each  year. First timers often leave saying "I will be here every year from now on." The weekend goes by way too quickly.

Pridefloat takes place on a river near Lebanon, MO.

The event is held the SECOND WEEKEND AFTER MEMORIAL DAY every year.

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