Oz Campground

Phone : (478) 892-2299

Email : ozcampground@gmail.com

Address :
Oz Campground,50 Highway 230, Unadilla, Georgia, 31091

City :  Unadilla

State :  Georgia

Country :  United States

Website :  http://www.ozcampground.com

Campground Description

Formerly known as "Lumberjack's Camping Resort," OZ Campground re-opened and re-branded in 2012 with new owners, a new name, and a whole new attitude! Located on 150 acres in central Georgia (the largest in the state), OZ offers the privacy and amenities of a true get-away destination for all individuals who support the gay community. Campers can come for a day pass to enjoy the pool and trails, or a night at the recreation center and bar, or plan to spend the weekend in a cabin, tent or RV. All are welcome to enjoy the new OZ Campground!

  • juan@staywithfamily.com Aug 08 2017 Reply

    Make sure you take bug spray the nats are ridiculous and make for an unenjoyable outdoor experience. You can't go anywhere with out them swarming around your face. I hear they are even worse in the summer. The layout is a bit odd, the pool and bar are across a field over the creek at the entrance of the camp, which makes for an inconvenient walk back and forth. Make sure you take a flash light at night so you don't trip, especially after some drinks. I much prefer the neighboring campground in Georgia called The River's Edge.

  • Bryan N Matt Jul 11 2017 Reply

    Very friendly and accommodating management and staff! Fantastic bar onsite was lots of fun. Great pool and hot tub as well.

  • tom Aug 19 2017 Reply

    I really enjoyed Oz but the nets are horrible......they talk about the "Oz Wave" which is actually swinging your hands all around your face and head to dispel the pests. Once you are at the pool area there isn't a problem. We will be going back in mid- September to see if the nets are gone....I will post our experience.

  • Charles Crumpton Jun 11 2018 Reply

    Love this campground. Partner and I just started camping 2 yrs ago and this was first place we went to so far the best but have only been to 2 other gay campgrounds so far . I need more time to get to ones farther away . And yes there are gnats but the last camp ground I went to had bitting horse flies and chiggars The gnats go to bed at night. The owners were very nice and everyone was very friendly. The restaurant was great to ha e for lunch and the pool area is very nice

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