Lone Star Nudist Group

Phone : (713) 866-8847

Email : info@HoustonLSNG.com

Address :
Houston, Texas

City :  Houston

State :  Texas

Country :  United States

Website :  http://www.houstonlsng.com/

Campground Description

Lone Star Nudist Group is a social organization of gay, bisexual and straight men who gather to share non sexual nude experiences. We recognize the natural beauty of all nude men. We seek to build camaraderie and nurture the spiritual awareness that comes from sharing together without the restraint of clothing. Our most frequent event is a monthly house party. We also host camping trips, pool parties, beach outings and theme parties. All club members participate in producing the events of the club. 

Events are not open to the general public, but it is easy to become a member and participate. The requirements for membership are that you be a male 21 or over, actively participate in club events, and be listed in the membership roster. Membership is open to singles and couples. To begin the membership process, please call the membership voice line at (713) 866-8847. Leave your phone number and instructions as to the best time to call. We cannot respond to your request for information with only an address. We will call you as promptly as we can. 

If you are a visitor to Houston or unable to be an active member of Lone Star, there are several opportunities for nude recreation in the Houston area. If you are a member of a gay, bisexual, or straight naturist club in another city, we would like to show you some Texas Hospitality! All events are published in advance in our club newsletter. In order to receive a copy, become a member today!

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