Gay Melbourne Naturist

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

City :  Melbourne

State :  Victoria

Country :  Australia

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This group is specifically designed to be a meeting place and resource for Gay or Bi Melbourne Guys - to persue their passion for going a la natural and would like to meet on regular occasions with like minded guys to loose the clothes in secure locations and also a resource for guys that just want to hook up with other guys to start up a friendship to go to clothes optional beaches, clubs and parks together.

Often it is difficult for single guys , especially gay/bi guys to be accepted to the more well known naturist groups around the state, due to their policies on allowing entry to too many single males.

The group is not intended as a pick up club, as there are plenty of sites, venues, chat lines etc out there that are for this purpose.

However in saying this - if our meetings/groups - mean that you meet someone or several people you are attracted to - like any other group or gathering thats life and its all good.
I am not going to post a lot of pictures on this site to start with but would encourage members to post their pics on the site and eventually we can hopefully add pictures of our group gatherings. I would prefer that no pics of intimate acts between 2 or more people are added to the group , but anything else is okay.
Its my intent to make this group as respectable as possible but still allowing the members to have some fun along the way.

In time I hope to be able to arrange some days at the more well known naturist camps in off periods during the week - so its important we keep some impression that we are not a group of fiends. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

Like myself my personal life doesnt allow me to get my gear off often enough and most times events in the evenings or weekends are usually not good for me , which may also be the case with many potential new members - who may be married, or have partners and family who do not share their views on going a la natural.

so come on guys loose the clothes soon!

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