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AGN - Austin Gay Nudists

Austin Gay Nudists (AGN) is an organization that promotes healthy, legal, non-sexual nude recreation for gay men in the Central Texas area. AGN was started in 1985 and is an all-volunteer, non-profit social club for gay and bisexual men. AGN offers the male nudist the opportunity to meet and make friends with others who share an interest in gay and bisexual social nudity. Members must be at least 21 years old, but attendees include men of all adult ages, both singles and couples. Most events are in the Austin area, but members live in all parts of Central Texas.  Nude social events are hosted about once each month at a member’s home, apartment, or land site. Usually, these events are potluck parties, so guests may be requested to bring a dish or supplies. The club furnishes soft drinks, utensils, and paper goods for each event, while alcohol is BYOB. Other nude or non-nude social events (such as movie or swimming parties, restaurant or bar visits, recreational outings and camp outs) may be hosted. The host of a nude or non-nude social event determines the date, time, duration, and special requests for the event. He is asked to enter

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Arizona Nude Dudes

We are a group of gay and bisexual men who focus on true nudism. We enjoy being naked with other men while accepting and enjoying our bodies in their natural state. Nudity is mandatory at our events and overt sexual activity is prohibited. We aren't prudes, and we enjoy a playful spirit of camaraderie; but we are not a "sex club".  ANDES is open to men over 21 years old. Our members range in age from 21 to 72 and come in all sizes and shapes. Our interests and occupations are just as varied. We currently have over sixty members. Our members host events where individual ideas and support are demonstrated. Past events include parties of various types: games nights, card parties, movie nights, pool parties, dining al nudo, brown bag lunches, massage workshops, various hikes and exchanges with our brother clubs. Would you like to join ANDES? If you wish, you can download an application by clicking here. Print it out and send it to us, or bring it with you to an event. Please be sure to review our Rules of Etiquette, which will be printed as part of the application.

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A-MEN celebrated its 10th anniversary in December 2012. We're looking for new members and event hosts in and around the greater Long Beach, Orange County, and South Bay areas. Hosts earn free membership and more!

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Bare and Gay of Connecticut

  B&G of Connecticut is a private social club for male naturists.  Formed in March, 1986, B&G was one of the first successful nudist clubs for men in the Northeast.      Our club’s members hail from throughout the region and are comprised of men of different ages, races, backgrounds, occupations and economic status. Although, B&G originally stood for Bare & Gay, our understanding of sexual fluidity and bi-sexuality has changed, and how one chooses to identity their sexual orientation, if at all, does not exclude membership.  Our main objective is that our members are comfortable being naked in a social, friendly atmosphere with men, whether gay, bi, straight or questioning.     Members of B&G recognize that participation in our group may involve two issues for new members - the individual’s comfort level with joining an organization where many of the members identify as gay or bisexual, and attending a nude event for the first time. For those reasons, we are sensitive to the needs of new members for whom either issue or both issues are first time experiences.  Confidentiality is r

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Bare Buns California

Bare Buns California was founded in 1987 and is the longest established and largest club in San Diego for men who practice social nudism. We currently have a membership who share the belief that everything about the human body is natural and that the best place for men to appreciate being without clothing is in ordinary settings. We host activities both indoors and outdoors, usually at the homes of members, and are not clothing optional - - nudity is required at all functions, weather permitting. Our activities vary from season to season and may include pool or hot tub parties, weekends in the mountains or desert, holiday parties, Black's Beach get-togethers, nude hikes, trips to local nudist resorts, and inclusion with the activities of other gay nudist groups. Like many gay naturist clubs, we struggle with the perception that the group is a sex club. Our social activities are designed to respect normal moral constraints; however, we also acknowledge the sexual openness of the gay culture and are not judgemental of individuals who may choose to seek privacy for personal encouters. At some activities, discrete areas are set up to allow for this. Membership is op

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Bear Naked South Florida

Bear Naked welcomes all gay men.  This is a NAKED CLUB and those attending parties are expected to shed their clothes and be natural.  To join and be invited to parties, complete the information at the blue Invitation/Join Club Form at the end below.  Thanks to the great men who attend the parties, the diversity of men is a great turn on to almost everyone.  

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Boston Area Naturist Group

The Boston Area Naturist Group (BANG) is a gay male nudist organization with members from all across New England. BANG was established back in September of 1986 when a few friends decided to stage a "dinner in the buff." Since that time, the group has grown to over 100 members, and regularly holds nude gatherings in private homes, exclusively-rented facilities, and public areas commonly used for nude recreation. Both day and evening events are popular as well as weekend getaways. Our typical activities include house parties and potluck suppers. In the winter, we have indoor nude swims and hot tub parties, while in the summer, there are visits to nude beaches and swimming holes, and nude camping and hiking. There are also visits to area nudist camps, and joint activities with other gay male naturist clubs both locally and nationwide. All of which culminate each year at the GNI and IMEN Gatherings. OUR AIM IS TO PROMOTE THE SOCIAL AND RECREATIONAL BENEFITS OF NUDITY WITH AN ORIENTATION TOWARD THE GAY MALE LIFESTYLE.

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Camp Willowswish

Our Fall Campouts usually draw about 250+ gay men, a few lesbians and, on show night, a few straight folks that enjoy a fun campy drag show. No high drag here, it's all the campiest and sometimes tragic, but always a good time. Our new Spring Campouts are growing more and more and last year we had about 100 guys camping. Each campout, we pick some fun theme and build around that. Typically, we have something going on each night from Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday night is theme party; could be open mic/karaoke or DJ, games and contests. Thursday night is contest night (camp games, best shot, plus more), Friday nights is DJ Theme Dance party. And finally on Saturdays: Spring is DJ Theme Costume Dance Party; Fall is our annual Miss Willowswish Camp Show Pageant with the Gay Mayor of Oklahoma City, Mr. Floyd Martin, followed by DJ and Dancing.

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CANS - Chicago Area Nudist Sons

Founded in 1989, CANS is an organization of male nudists and naturists dedicated to accepting and appreciating the human body in its naturally beautiful state. CANS provides opportunities for gay, bi, questioning and affirming men to gather for social, non-sexual enjoyment and camaraderie.  Members come from all parts of the Chicagoland area and beyond. Some have been nudists for many years, while others have only recently discovered the fun and enjoyment in social nudity. Our membership is diverse; we are short and tall, wide and thin, quiet and outgoing, young adults to seniors, and from many cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. We have in common an appreciation of social nudity in a nonsexual context.  Any male who identifies as gay/bi/questioning or affirming and is at least 21 years of age is welcome to attend CANS events. The rules are simple and common courtesy is key.  Bring a towel, a clean, fresh showered body and a friend if you like. There is typically a modest charge to help cover the costs of an event.

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California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) is an international social organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy nude social and recreational activities. CMEN hosts the West Coast Gathering for naturist men in Southern California, naturist gatherings in Northern California and Tennessee, and other nudist recreation events in the greater Los Angeles area throughout the year. As naturists we enjoy being nude, preferably outdoors, for social and recreational activities. We enjoy the freedom of being without clothes whenever possible and practical.  Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of nudity, with the intention of encouraging body acceptance, self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment. Social nudity is an expression of naturism, exploiting the beneficial effects of the sun, the air and water. We take the nude human body for what it is: a gift of nature, dignified and worthy of respect. No body parts are shameful; none need take on more significance than others. Naturists think that all natural bodies are whole and complete, no matter what shape they take, or what scars they bear. Bei

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Conga - Central Ohio Naturist Guy Alliance

Who we are CONGA (Central Ohio Naturist Guy Alliance) is an adult male organization, based in Columbus, Ohio and vicinity, whose primary function is to provide a recreational, social and educational outlet where nudity is accepted and practiced. We are not concerned with your age (but you must be at least 18), race or physical appearance; only your attitude. We welcome adult men (gay, straight and bisexual) who enjoy nudism as a way of life, not as a prelude to sex. For this reason, CONGA is not a club for organized sexual activity. In fact, overt sexual behavior during club functions is strictly forbidden. What we do CONGA members typically get together on average once a month. We call these gatherings or events. They are occasionally potluck functions, which consist of a meal and/or dessert, followed with social interaction, card playing, etc. These gatherings are usually hosted in members' homes, with complete respect to be given to the owner's property at all times. Occasionally a catered dinner is planned, or an alternate space is rented, which will entail an added fee. This information is given in advance to those who plan to attend.

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DAMN - Dallas Area Male Nudists

D.A.M.N. is the Premier Men's Nudist Club in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  We have been here for over twenty years with a growing membership.  D.A.M.N. has been meeting the needs of local male nudist for fellowship and non-judgemental brotherhood.  Our club is for all men age 21 and over who enjoy being nude and relaxing with other men of kindred spirit.   We do not interview or vote on who is or is not allowed as a member.   D.A.M.N. has two specific rules:  No Sex and No Clothing are allowed at our events.  We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and this will be strictly enforced.  We are NOT a sex club.

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Gay Naturists International

Gay Naturists International (GNI) began in 1981 as part of The Naturist Society (TNS). In 1993, we became an independent organization. Through our affiliated clubs, we lend a bare hand to any fellow who’s comfortable being gay and naked. We also help the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) promote social nudism, and in maintaining and expanding clothing-optional recreation zones. GNI is open to all gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men who are at least 21 years old.

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Gold Coast Bare Skins

Gold Coast Bare Skins is a group of gay and bisexual men who enjoy being naked in a social setting. We arrange activities that allow us to be dressed as we feel most comfortable--in nothing. We find that being naked removes a lot of superficial barriers to meeting people and is fun and sexy. The most typical event is a naked party at the home of one of our members. We also try to sponsor some other naked activities, like beach trips or day sails. Most members of Bare Skins live in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties. Most activities take place in that area. Thanks for your interest in our group. Please browse our site for further information.

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HOG - Houston Outdoor Group

The Houston Outdoor Group (HOG) is a social group for members of the GLBTQ community who enjoy the outdoors. Activities are organized by HOG members and are reported in the monthly newsletter and website. Events include camping, hiking, botanical gardens and arboretums, museums, beaches, state parks, but can include any social activity, whether indoors or out. We have a monthly Saturday morning breakfast or brunch at local restaurants and a potluck once a month at a member's home.

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Join Homosensuality.net for a relaxed holiday afternoon of swimming, socializing and massage with a great group of naked guys. Bottled water provided. If you'd like other drinks (non-alcoholic only) or snacks, please bring them.

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KCS - Kansas City Strips

KCS is excited to announce that we are now an affiliate organization of Gay Naturist International (GNI). Gay Naturists International’s mission is to serve as a resource to male naturists by hosting and sponsoring men’s naturist events and providing information and resources to individuals and local clubs. In addition, GNI is a voice for gay naturists in wider naturist efforts to educate society about naturism and to advance the interests of naturists worldwide. Please take a little time to check out GNI website and become more familiar with this wonderful organization. News about GNI events and activities will be posted here and included in the KCS monthly newsletter.

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KGN - Kentuckiana Gay Nudists

Kentuckiana Gay nudists (KGN) is delighted to have you, a fellow gay naturist, as a visitor and would like to welcome you to our website.  We search for men like you who share our interest in naturism.  KGN is a diverse group whose members share a multiplicity of ages, races, backgrounds, educations, professions, and preferences.  Our group is comprised of gay and bi-sexual men, as well as single, married and divorced men.KGN is a social club. We are not a clothing optional club, as the entire evening is spent in the nude. You will need to bring a towel to sit on, in order to protect the host’s furniture.  If you enjoy sharing an evening with other men, without the constraints of clothing, then we believe that you will enjoy our group.So, if you are a male, at least 21 years of age, enjoy being naked with other males, like to socialize with other men, and can spend one evening a month with us, we think you will enjoy being a member of KGN.

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LIAHO - Let It All Hang Out

LIAHO is a nudist club for gay and gay-friendly men in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We welcome all men who enjoy socializing in the nude with other men. We get together once or twice a month for potlucks, barbecues, pool parties, movie nights, workshops, etc. All LIAHO events are private parties,  open exclusively to club members and their guests. It should be emphasized that LIAHO is not a sex club. If sex, rather than social nudity, is what you are seeking, you may be better served by another group. The success of any club calls for personal involvement. For this reason, all members participate in making LIAHO work by hosting events, joining committees, helping with setup and/or cleanup, etc.

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Lone Star Nudist Group

Lone Star Nudist Group is a social organization of gay, bisexual and straight men who gather to share non sexual nude experiences. We recognize the natural beauty of all nude men. We seek to build camaraderie and nurture the spiritual awareness that comes from sharing together without the restraint of clothing. Our most frequent event is a monthly house party. We also host camping trips, pool parties, beach outings and theme parties. All club members participate in producing the events of the club.  Events are not open to the general public, but it is easy to become a member and participate. The requirements for membership are that you be a male 21 or over, actively participate in club events, and be listed in the membership roster. Membership is open to singles and couples. To begin the membership process, please call the membership voice line at (713) 866-8847. Leave your phone number and instructions as to the best time to call. We cannot respond to your request for information with only an address. We will call you as promptly as we can.  If you are a visitor to Houston or unable to

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Males au Naturel

Males au Naturel ("MAN") is a men's social naturist* group based in New York City with around 125 members.  At MAN, you can hang out nude in a non-sexual atmosphere. We organize indoor and outdoor events all year 'round in the New York area. 

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Naked Minnesota

Naked Minnesota is a gay and bisexual naturist social group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in 1989 as the Minnesota Polar Bares, the group name changed in March 1997 and has continued to grow into one of the most active and well-respected of the gay naturist groups in the United States.   As a "non-landed" club (one which owns no property), all the events hosted by the group are at members homes, on public lands or in rented facilities. Membership is restricted to males ages 18 and over and now exceeds 250 men. The group includes members of many age levels, body styles, and interests and invites all men who are interested in social and recreational nudity to check us out.

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Next Generation Naturists

A growing group of next generation naturists 18-30 and 25+.. with a focus on participate privacy and being environmentally conscious. Planning events of our own along with working in conjunction with existing naturist organizations to spread the word about naturism among the next generation. Along with a focus on organically building local networks of naturists who share similar interests to build lifelong connections. 

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Come hang out clothes free and invite your friends. Nude Men Only.  Social Nudism: a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect and respect for others.

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We are a private group of gay and bisexual male nudist/naturists who enjoy being naked in a social environment and organization. Our activities take place in the Portland OR./Vancouver WA. area. Check out our activities page for information on our naked social events. We are a cooperative social club, not a business venture. OMEN is an all-volunteer, member-driven organization.

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PSSST - Palm Springs Social Sun Tanners

We are a group of nearly 300 gay and bisexual male nudists and naturists who enjoy being naked in a social environment and organization. Our activities take place in the Palm Springs, California area. Check out our Activities page for information on our naked parties, social events and "strip & dips". We are a cooperative social club, not a business venture. PSSST is an all-volunteer, member-driven organization.

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RANG - Richmond Area Nude Guys

R.A.N.G., Richmond Area Nude Guys, was founded in July, 1995 to provide a local organization where gay naturists can enjoy nude recreation and/or social events in the privacy of their homes. RANG members sponsor events where other naturists can meet and participate in a natural atmosphere that nude socialization provides. RANG members also realize that sex is a natural occurrence just as being nude. However RANG does not promote sex at its functions and asks all to be sensitive to others regarding this subject. Overt sexual activity, and photographing without permission are strictly prohibited. Nude is Natural……… R.A.N.G. is for Social Nudism.   The American Association for Nude Recreation states, “social nudists find many reasons to enjoy and appreciate the lifestyle. Some seek a healthy body through sports and fitness programs in the nude while others search for relief from mental strain and stress caused by today’s harsh business environment. Regardless of individual motivation for joining our organization, there are common ideals and beliefs that we call the nudist philosophy.   Although we are not

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RNB - Rainbow Naturist Brotherhood

We are a friendly group of Gay, Bi and Bi-curious men from Atlanta and North Georgia fostering good times, companionship and trust from our members from age 18 to 100. Confidentiality is respected. We enjoy camaraderie without the pretense of clothes. RNB is not concerned with one's age, race or physical appearance, only one's attitude. The Rainbow Naturist Brotherhood is Atlanta's Premier Naturist Organization. The success of any club calls for personal involvement. For this reason, all members participate in making RNB work by hosting events, joining committees, helping with setup and/or cleanup, etc.

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Romans Rochester Male Naturists

Rochester Male Naturists (ROMANS)  A social organization of Gay Naturists located in Rochester, New York Our group is 23 years old and many of our members have been in the club for 10 plus years. The medium age of our members is fifty. We come in all shapes and sizes. Social Nudism and the ROMANS may not be for everyone. If you are looking for a comfortable and welcoming group in which to give naturism a try, you might want to consider us. Maybe you would even prefer to meet with a couple of us over coffee before attending a group activity. ROMANS meetings are held at members’ homes with the homeowner serving as host. Often there is a theme to the party. Many of our hosts have hot tubs for nude soaking, and there is always lots of socializing and jokes. It is not a requirement to be able to host in order to join. Membership is open to men over 21 years of age who have an interest in social nudism.  Most members come from the greater Rochester area, though Buffalo, Finger Lakes, Syracuse, Utica and the southern tier are also represented.  

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Romp Naked

Romp Naked is an alternative nude gathering in Seattle for men to honor male erotic energy through art, music and dance. It’s an immersive experience that relies upon the creative energy of volunteers from many communities. Romp Naked provides a space for men of all ages, colors, and shapes to express themselves freely. The space we generate builds and holds erotic energy. Join us as we venture beyond physicality and explore the depths of beauty and spirit. Celebrate being human!  Romp Naked is an event that ebbs and flows, full of erotic and sensual dance, movement and mingling. Come dance with us! Romp Naked is definitely a sexy party, not a sex party.

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SONS - Southern Ohio Naturist Society

Dear Fellow Gay Naturist, Southern Ohio Naturist Society (S.O.N.S.) is delighted to have you as a visitor, and would like to welcome you to our website. We’re constantly in search of men, like you, who share out interest in naturism. SONS is a diverse group, whose members share a multiplicity of ages, races, backgrounds, educations, professions, and preferences. Our group is comprised of gay and bi-sexual men, as well as single, married and divorced men. If you enjoy sharing an evening with other men, without the constraints of clothing, then we believe that you will enjoy our group. SONS has monthly meetings, usually held on a weekend evening, at various members’ homes or other venues. The location changes month-to-month, simply because we don’t have a clubhouse, and not everyone is able to host a meeting. There is an $ 8.00 charge for the first meeting as a guest, and then as a member, the cost is $ 5.00 per meeting there after. This is to help defray the host’s costs for refreshments, plasticware and the main dish. There is a short business meeting lasting about 15 minutes. Upon completion of the meeting, a pot

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Syracuse Naked Men

Syracuse Naked Men is a social naturist group to promote friendship and naked comradery! All males who are gay-friendly (or curious) should feel comfortable at our events. We are not a sex club, and you will not feel like you are in a beauty or "endowment" contest. Organized in 2001, we get together monthly in a festive small-party atmosphere with emphasis on casual meeting and conversation. Activities range from naked holiday gatherings to summer barbecues, with occasional pot-luck dinners, swimming and dancing. Don't miss our annual Naked New Year's Eve! Men of all ages over 21 are welcome. Attendance ranges from about twenty-five people to more than forty, depending upon the event. Our parties are always friendly. After all, when clothes disappear, so do social barriers!

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TAN - Tamiami Area Nudists

Tamiami Area Nudist (TAN) is a male only nudist social club. TAN's primary purpose is to  promote nudism among the gay population; however, all males are welcomed to attend  our events regardless of sexual orientation. What is required is that you are a male and  you are to be naked. We have a series of small gatherings during the month to meet and  greet. TAN has welcomed several new members over the past few months.

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The Olympians

The Olympians are a social club for Gay (and straight but not narrow) men who enjoy the freedom which comes with Nudity.  Originally conceived in 1986, a small group of gay men decided to create a social group where they could enjoy each other's company in a casual setting, while having the ability to be completely naked and natural while doing so. Demographics: Our members range in age from late 20's to mid-70's. We also come in every shape and size imaginable and run the gamut from completely smooth to very furry. Our members' "members" also come in every shape and size (in case you were curious).  We are an INCLUSIVE group and don't want anyone to feel unwelcome! We're about feeling good in your own skin. What we do: The group gets together in whole or in part on a monthly basis. We call these "events". They are not necessarily "parties" but potluck functions, which consist of a meal and dessert, followed with social interaction and "other" forms of contact, including physical. These events are usually hosted in the homes of OLYMPIANS' members, but a few times a yea

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UMEN - Utah Male Naturists

 Utah Male Naturists is a social group for gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly straight men in Utah or contiguous states only that holds a variety of non-sexual naked social and recreational events, including pool / hot tub parties, cocktail parties, potlucks, movie nights, and overnight campouts throughout the year. Most events are held at private homes and typically range in size from 10 to 40 members. Guests of members are welcome at most events.

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Valley Male Nudist Gathering

VMNG was formed in June 2013 for men (18 and over) interested in non-sexual naked socializing and bonding with other men.   This group is open to gay and bi men, as well as gay/bi-friendly straight men, in and around the Red River Valley.   Membership is not restricted based on age, color or appearance. All men of good hygiene are welcome.

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WildFyre Society

The WildFyre Society International is a men's naturist/nudist club based in South Florida (mainly Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beaches). Members and contacts reside all over Florida, in a majority of the United States, and in 17 other countries.* Our mission is to foster friendship and provide a congenial meeting place for men who enjoy social nudity. We welcome ages 18 and over (21 and over for events where alcohol may be present).  * Argentina, Australia, Austria, The Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

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Wisconsin Nude Men

Wisconsin Nude Men (WNM) is a bi, gay or straight MALE nudist group that holds monthly events in members’ homes in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. WNM is open to MEN of all ages, shapes and sizes. We do not discriminate because of age, race, religion, disability or even sexual orientation; we have had straight men attend our events. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 21 TO ATTEND OUR EVENTS DUE TO WISCONSIN AND ILLINOIS ALCOHOL LAWS. We are one of many such groups across the country, and we have approximately 80 paid members with countless others who, like you, have expressed an interest. Typically, anywhere from 20 to 40 men attend each monthly event. Our group was formed to provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere for meeting new men and making new friends. It is a safe place for the bi-curious to explore their interests and desires with other men who understand. It is also a safe place for married men to express their desires for male to male contact. We are a discrete group and all information concerning anyone who contacts our group or attends our events is held in strictest confidence. PLEASE RESPECT THAT. Sexual activity is allowed, but not require

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ABOUT US YAGrv is an informal, GLBT, loose-knit group of friends who like to get together from time to time and go RV & tent camping in the beautiful forests of Colorado - as well as some trips to our neighboring states. Camping trip planning is very informal as well. Some trips are group events, planned via the YAG RV Facebook group page, while other trips are simply someone going camping, inviting anyone from the YAGrv group to join, if they are interested.  WHERE WE GO Most of the camping trips are to state or national forest campgrounds in and around the Denver Front Range area, though some trips take us out of state, such as to Wyoming or Utah. For a map of campgrounds that we visit most often, including dates for upcoming trips, check out the YAGrv Google Map WHAT WE DO Most trips include many, if not all, of the following: Group meals (breakfast, dinner) Nature trail hikes ATV & FWD trips (off-road motorcycles welcome too!) Playing games (cornhole, cards, etc.) Trips to local tourist and scenic locations and towns Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!!!! Our group is ve

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