Outdoor Sports for Gays

Hello everybody! We are a group of young, enthusiastic mountaineers from all over Switzerland. With us is very special welcome each and every one of the LGBTI community. We are and at all seasons sporting activities in the mountains - in more or less sophisticated way: skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, hiking, climbing, mountain and full speed, sometimes with the bike. Meanwhile, our activities have stabilized at approximately one occasion per month. The tours are usually organized shortly and easily. Our mailing list is about 300 addresses, in each case 4-10 persons are present on the tours. Philosophy We are organized as a club and see ourselves as a platform which on mountain sports interested gays, lesbians and their friends to join. Our group mainly lives on the initiative of the individual participants. Basically, anyone can organize a tour, we write here and email newsletters from. Our tours are generally headed by experienced alpinists. If necessary, we will also engage also a mountain guide, to ensure the safety of each participant. We have especially for our tour leader on a club liability insurance.&nbs

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