Buck Naked Boys Club of Alberta

We are group of adult men who share an interest in naturism/nudism. We are young, old, gay, straight, tall, short, employed, retired and in school, etc… but all PROUDLY NAKED men. Our first gathering was January 1997, as the Buck Naked Boys of Edmonton, and we have been meeting regularly since then. As of December 2012, we are expanding to be the Buck Naked Boys Club of Alberta with events anywhere in the province. We have no formal membership, bylaws or dues. Our focus is enjoyment of the freedom, pleasure and comfort of just being naked. We are NOT a sex club. Anyone on our email list receives a monthly Newsletter and is considered a member. Contact us to get on the list. And most of us have NO tan lines. Read More
GGNT - Guys Getting Naked Together

GGNT is a social naturist group for gay/bi men who like to socialize in a non-sexual environment. The group is based in the local area of London, Ontario. Get-togethers are held bi-monthly and are planned and decided on by the group as a whole. The group participates in bi-monthly swim socials. All memberships to this group are approved by the Moderator. Read More
GO NUTS - Gay Ottawa Naked Under the Sun

We hold a variety of events throughout the year appropriate to the season in a relaxed atmosphere where men can socialize and share a few laughs.   Suggestions from our membership are always welcome! The organizing team helps with all details from sending out the announcements, handling the RSVPs, welcoming men as they arrive and more. Help of all types is available for those who wish to host an event. Imagine the fun of sharing conversation, a meal, a drink, dancing, sporting activities and a few laughs without the need of clothes! We encourage all gay and bisexual men to join in on the fun, regardless of their age, race, religion, handicap, or physical appearance. In accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada, you must be at least 19 years old. This is a group for males who are 19 years old or older. No exceptions!  C'est un groupe pour les hommes qui ont de 19 ans ou de plus. Aucunes exceptions! Read More

The Pacific-Canadian Association of Nudists was formed in 1988 to provide an opportunity for gay and bisexual men to socialize naked together. It has grown from the original handful of brave and dedicated nudists to our present number of around 500 active & non active members. 2014 marks our 26th year of naked fun! Three of the founding members are still in our ranks. We have all ages ranging from early twenties to some over seventy. The average age would probably fall in the mid-forties range. There are all kinds of body types represented within the club: from the “I’ve never seen the inside of a gym” to the “drop dead gorgeous”. But we strive to minimize the usual gay emphasis on looks and age. We believe in an attitude-free atmosphere of convivial, supportive, socializing. Love of nudity is the common bond that makes us all equal. We traditionally had monthly house parties and, since 1997, monthly naked dance parties at a local bar. Other events have included trips to a gay B&B, 2 gay camp sites, bowling, Wreck Beach (of course!), and once we attended a play… naked! We are always willing to consider new thi Read More

QUEBEC MALE AU NATUREL (QMAN) QMAN is a private social Club or groups for Gay - Bisexual- male naturist. Formed in September 2002, QMAN was one of the first successful naturist club in the Northeast of Canada. Our Club's members hail from throughout the region and represent all ages, occupation and economic status. Although, our Group is named QMAN, one's choice of sexual identity does not exclude membership. Our main objective is that our members are comfortable being naked in social, friendly atmosphere with men, whether gay, bi or straight. As our name denotes, however, the main core of our membership is made up of gay men. Members of QMAN recognize that participation in our group may involve two issues for new members - the individual's comfort with joining a gay identified organization and attending a naturist event for the first time. For those reasons, we are sensitive to the needs of new members for whom either issue or both issues are first time experience. CONFIDENTIALITY is respected. The success of our organization is dependent on our member's participation in attending house party events and on those members who are in a position t Read More

About Us Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nutity is a fully legal and democratic social group for men, without discrimination or prejudice. We are a group of fun loving men who: enjoy being naked with other men promote comradery and respect for the body create a friendly, welcoming environment for naked socializing and making friends provide a variety of naked social events in many different settings promote positive body image and social acceptance of nudity come from all walks of life, social status, ages (above nineteen) and interests Naked Events We hold and sponsor naked events, with as few as a couple to as many as several hundred men during swims, yoga, bowling, dances, house-parties, game nights, art showings, retreats, special interest gatherings, or other such healthy physical social activities. Attendee numbers are restricted by space limitations or are set by the host(s). TNT!MEN is a naturist organization. Some of our events are held in sex-positive spaces. Please consult the event host or venue to ask about acceptable behaviour. Illicit drugs are strictly forbidden at TNT!MEN events. Photography and audio or video Read More

YYC-MEN is a not-for-profit social fellowship for gay male naturists / nudists in the Greater Calgary and Southern Alberta areas. Our Name reflects our sole purpose: YYC-MEN (Calgary Men Enjoying Naturism). YYC-MEN membership is open to men 18+ years. Read More