Cairns Sunboys

Cairns Sunboys is a men's nude social group based in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Join a group of men for a barbecue lunch and a relaxing afternoon. If you're passionate about being nude yet have nowhere to be naked... or even if you're a little nervous about being naked around other men, this group is for you. This is neither a club nor an organisation. It's a friendly meeting of guys who like to be naked with other guys. The group is open to men from all walks of life and we do not ask about your sexuality. Men of any shape or size and from all ethnic backgrounds over 18 years of age are welcome. There is a strict no-sex policy at the functions. Read More
Gay Melbourne Naturist

This group is specifically designed to be a meeting place and resource for Gay or Bi Melbourne Guys - to persue their passion for going a la natural and would like to meet on regular occasions with like minded guys to loose the clothes in secure locations and also a resource for guys that just want to hook up with other guys to start up a friendship to go to clothes optional beaches, clubs and parks together. Often it is difficult for single guys , especially gay/bi guys to be accepted to the more well known naturist groups around the state, due to their policies on allowing entry to too many single males. The group is not intended as a pick up club, as there are plenty of sites, venues, chat lines etc out there that are for this purpose. However in saying this - if our meetings/groups - mean that you meet someone or several people you are attracted to - like any other group or gathering thats life and its all good. I am not going to post a lot of pictures on this site to start with but would encourage members to post their pics on the site and eventually we can hopefully add pictures of our group gatherings. I would prefer that no pics of intimate acts between Read More
Gay Naked Brisbane (GNB)

  Gay Naked Brisbane (GNB) is a gay nudist social group for youngish guys who look after their bodies in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We have monthly events, and they are range from lunch and dinner, beach trip, themed party, and dance party.  This group is run as a circle of friends,  which means there is NO membership fee,  and the cost of the events are shared among us. This is a gay nudist social group, NOT a sex group. Read More
Gay Sydney Nudist inc.

GSN is a social organisation for gay or bisexual male nudists. We have events such as parties at members’ homes, dinners at restaurants, harbour cruises and weekends away. Although GSN is based in Sydney, it can have functions anywhere throughout NSW.  Guys at their first event are allowed to wear a towel or remain clothed if they wish. Otherwise, all private events are nude. Read More
Sydney Sunboys

Sunboys is a group for men who like / want to explore being naked with other men in a non-sexual environment. Sunboys was founded in 1991 by Rod and two other friends at terrace in Surry Hills. More history can be found here. Currently we are hosting events about 4-6 times per year. This includes pool parties and spa parties and trips to bush retreats and beaches. We are group of nudists who like to socialise naked. If you are coming for sex then please dont. Read More