Gay Cuba Revisited

September 28, 2020
After our first visit to Cuba a couple years ago, we decide to revisit it and check out some other cities besides Havana.  Having made a contact with a local Cuban we do a home exchange on the island of La Isla de la Joventud which rarely sees tourists.  With a local tourguide in hand we navigate the countryside visiting towns such as Cien Fuegos and Camaguey.  

We find that our second visit reveals another side to Cuba that we had not fully experienced on our first trip.  It becomes ever more apparent that the Cuban people yern for a change in their government as they struggle in their daily lives to survive.  Our first trip can also be seen on my blog at Gay Travel to Cuba.

Check out this trip!

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AshrafK commented on Gay Cuba Revisited blog.
July 14, 2019  
I'll be in washington dc. How do I get to havana? Visa?