Is Driving to Mexico Dangerous?

September 28, 2020

After recent years of sensationalism around the “dangers” of Mexico, promoted by the American media, we decided to find out for ourselves. Considering we had recently bought a home south of the border and quickly assimilated into the expat community in Puerto Vallarta, we were meeting more and more people who drove back and forth every year despite the horror stories the media fed us on a regular basis including U.S. Secretary of State travel warnings urging it’s citizens not to travel to Mexico.

So I thought, what better way to document the trip then by video? I, like most American’s did not know what to expect once we crossed that forbidden border. Would we be entering a war zone filled with banditos down desolate dirt roads lurking behind cactus bushes, just waiting to rape and pillage? One could only hope! So with our GPS in hand we coral the puppies, load up our luxury SUV filled to the rim with illegal imports and fake receipts. We figured if we were going to do it, we were going all the way. We couldn’t of looked any gayer if we tried, not to mention we were two men traveling with four prissy dogs with pink bedazzled collars.  I think we were both secretly hoping for a full body cavity search at the border! I had my poppers in hand just in case.  

Our trip would take us from Houston to Puerto Vallarta, crossing the border at Laredo Texas. Considering this would be our first attempt at driving to Mexico, there would be several mistakes to be made considering the legalities of importing a vehicle into Mexico and traveling as a foreigner. My video documents some of the do’s and don’ts that you may not be aware of, like where exactly do you get the permit for your car at the border and which highways do you take, the one’s entitled “Libre” or “ Cuota”?


Well if you drive to Mexico, chances are you are going to have to drive back, unless your unloading a stolen car or something. But this time we decided to drive back through “the most dangerous border crossing” there is, the Juarez / El Paso Border. We would definitely be going through Cartel Country on this voyage! One would argue that driving an Audi Q7 across Mexico is like begging to be kidnapped.


This experience was definitely an eye opener as to how warped my sense of reality had been. So much so that now I wanted to explore more Mexico by car. I knew that there were many hidden treasures in Mexico with breathtaking country sites that could only be truly appreciated by a car trip where you have the luxury of stopping along the way and rerouting your adventure to explore the unexpected.

Check back for our video documentary of our Colonial Mexico and Southern Mexico Tour. We visit places that are a must do on your Travel Bucket List!

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