Corazon de Niña - Girls Orphanage

September 28, 2020
When we first moved to Puerto Vallarta we had no idea that we would soon find ourselves running a charity that helped so many causes around town.  One night as we dined in one of our favorite restaurants to people watch, La Piazzetta, we were introduced to a table of 13 young girls who were having a pizza night at the restaurant.  As it turns out Mimmo, the owner, on occasion would sponsor a pizza night for this group of young girls who lived in an orphanage called Corazon de Niña, run by Melissa Canez.  As we spoke with Melissa we were drawn in to her passion for helping these girls who had previously lived in another state run orphanage that was shut down for misapropriation of funds.  At the time, Melissa volunteered at the orphanage and when she heard that the girls were going to be spread out across various orphanages she felt compelled to keep the only family they knew together.  She brought them into her own 2 bedroom home having been given false promises by the state to assist in their living expenses.  Before she knew it, she was on her own raising 13 young girls barely scraping by, living day by day trying to just put food on the table with dreams of giving these girls a chance at a better life.  

This is where we entered the picture, we knew that we had to do something to help these girls so we did what we could to help raise money and awareness offering our charity, the Casa JoJo Foundation, as a means to get more donations offering donors a tax deduction in the U.S. for their contributions.  Considering I prefer video as a means of communication, I put these videos together to bring awareness to their plight.  

Update January 2014

Update March 2014

We join the International Relief Team on a visit to Corazon de Niña to check in on the progress of the girls dormatories and we discover they have begun construction on the spa that the home will use to help provide an income.  They are also in works of starting a boys orphanage next door to reunite some of the girls with their brothers.  Check out the video.

For more information you can go to Corazon de Niña or the Casa JoJo Foundation to make a donation that is tax deductible in the United States.  Make sure and note your donation with Corazon de Niña to make sure they get the funds.  

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