About the Author

My blog is a platform to share, not only my own travel experiences, but the travel experiences of others, as well as interesting articles from around the world that affect the gay community. 

My love for adventure and desire to explore different cultures from a local’s perspective gave birth to my website  StayWithFamily.com, a gay home exchange and travel network. 

Why the name "Stay With Family"?  Because for many years in gay culture, the word "family" took on a new meaning.  It became synonymous with the word "gay".  It was common to overhear someone say, "I think he’s family (gay)". 

Because in the past, many gays were outcast from their biological families and had to create their own "family", it became my goal to bring the gay community together as one big family around the world, providing a safe and fun way for the gay traveler to explore different destinations with out the fear of discrimination. 

Why stay in a 5 star resort, when you can stay with "family"!