House Houston Texas

Owner occupied 1947 bungalow. Can accommodate 2 in spare room. Couples sorry but the 2 twin size sofas cannot be pushed together. They sleep comfortably except for those who are over 6' tall. 5 miles from the bars, no light rail, but the city bus picks up at the end of my street.

House Rules:

Its pretty simple treat my home like you would want yours treated. I'm a very organized, neat and clean guy I would expect my guests to be the same. Of coarse enjoy and have a good time, but would prefer no crazy parties or last minute overnight guests If you know what I mean ;-) Any food, alcohol, and or beverages would have to be purchased, supplied, or brought by the guests. No Smoking!
Property of cedtx
Located at Houston,Texas,US
Numbers of Bedrooms: 2 Numbers of Bathrooms: 1 Number of people it can sleep: 2 Children Not Allowed Amenities: Pool, A/C, Internet, Cable tv, Gourmet Kitchen, Outdoor garden, Near Gay bars,