house Saint-Avold Moselle

lovely house in "Bretagne"-style, huge garden, quiet location though city center, bus terminal 200 m. huge parking lot nearby, train station accessible by bus but badly connected (taxi required). direct bus connection to Saarbruecken (Germany),30 km by car to Metz, 60 km to Nancy


Internet, Cable tv, Outdoor garden, Near public transportation

House Rules

strictly no smoking and no drugs of any sort, alcohol is ok if moderate or social (one of us is AA member). Must tolerate cats. We expect honesty and respect for our way to live as we do for others Guests can move freely in our house and garden and are invited to share our everyday live or stay aside and be left for themselves
1 Bedrooms
2 Guests
No Smoking
Yes Children
No Pets
Located in Saint-Avold,Moselle,FR


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