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May 20, 2017

After having our last tour of Gay Campgrounds cut short due to family emergencies, we pick up where we left off determined to finish our RV adventure.  One of the main reasons for finishing this road trip is we are on a mission to find the perfect campground where we can spend our summers when we leave Puerto Vallarta.  

We start our trek on the 26th of May and we are expected to be on the road until October!  Below is our estimated schedule considering no unexpected emergencies pop up.  Cross your fingers and wish us well!

You can see our previous trip on my blog under Gay Campgrounds in the North Eastern United States and Canada.

Gay Campgrounds 2017

1.  May 26th weekend:  The Homestead at 3218 

2.  May 29 - 30:  Memphis, Tennessee

3.  May 31 - June 1:  Nashville Tennessee 

4.  June 2 - 8:   Whispering Oaks Retreat

5.  June 9th weekend: Stag Run Club Cowboy Weekend

6.  June 16th Weekend: Camp Buckwood   Foam Party

June 20th:  Chicago 

7.  June 23rd weekend:  Campit Outdoor Resort   Luau Party

8.  June 29 - July 5:  The Point Campground Canada Day

9.  July 6th weekend: The Cedars Campground 

10.  July 10 - 11:  The Ridge Resort

11.  July 12 - 13:  Riverside Campground

12.  July 14 - 31:  Plein Bois Resort  Latin Fever / Christmas in July / Halloween in July

13.  August 4th weekend:  Le Domain de la Fierte  

14.  August 11th weekend:  Domaine Emeraude

15.  August 18th weekend:  Jones Pond  Survivor Weekend

16.  August 21 - 24:  Rainbow Woods Campground  

17.  August 25 weekend:  Hillside Campground  Get Piggy Weekend

18.  August 28 - September 7: The Woods Campground  Labor Day Weekend

19.  September 8th weekend:  Camp Davis 

20.  September 11 - 12:  Circle JJ Ranch 

21.  September 15th weekend:  Freedom Valley Campground  Lumber Jack Weekend

22.  September 18 - 21: Long Fork Campground 

23.  September 22nd weekend:  Bear and Boar Resort  London Chicken Festival

24.  September 25 - October 1:  Timberfell Lodge  Pool Closing Party

25.  October 2 - 4:  Bluff Creek Falls 

October 6th we are back in Texas for a family reunion, and then who knows.  

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