Road Trip Through the Colonial Towns of Mexico

June 19, 2018

Our previous road trips across the border served to be a realization of how much we are influenced by the negative media and how damaging this sensationalism can be on so many levels to the Mexican people and our international relations. So I decided to video blog our adventure so you can see for yourself.  

In the media’s attempt to fill prime time space with interesting stories, so they can pocket a dollar, they fail to realize how adversely they can affect the lively hood of others, and the long lasting effect of their exaggerated propaganda. Unfortunately, sometimes this kind of propaganda can be perpetuating the negative. The media tells people not to travel to Mexico who depends on tourism for one of it’s largest Gross Domestic Products, which harshly affects some of the most beautiful tourist towns essentially robbing innocent families of their lively hood, forcing some into unconventional ways of making a living just to survive. As fellow human beings, we can’t let that happen and it is up to us to spread the word and tell the truth. It’s funny how people will avoid traveling to beautiful and safe Mexican towns because they heard there was several drug related beheadings at the border, yet they won’t think twice about going to New York where there are countless robberies, muggings, rapes, and murders on a daily basis. I assure you, our inner cities in the U.S. are far more dangerous than any of the breath taking colonial towns of Mexico where I would not hesitate to walk the streets at night alone.

Our first road trip takes us from Puerto Vallarta to the colonial towns of Tequila, Ajijic, San Miguel, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Morelia, and Pasquaro in central Mexico. I’ve got to tell you, this is some of the most breath taking country sides I have every seen and a trip worth taking again and again. Take a look!

Central Mexico Colonial Road Trip
( This was one of my earlier videos, so sorry for some of the shakiness and video quality)

Our first Colonial trip was such a success that it left us wanting more. I knew we had just scratched the surface of what Mexico had to offer, so the next year we set out to explore some of Southern Mexico. Again we would start our adventure in Puerto Vallarta headed for Zihuatanejo, Zipolite, Oaxaca, Puebla, Cuernavaca, and ending in Mexico City where did a fabulous Gay Home Exchange on before heading to Havana Cuba for another memorable adventure that can be seen at Gay Travel to Cuba.

Southern Mexico Colonial Road Trip

Check out this article on a crime in Mexico compared to other countries.  

Mexico: A Traveler's Guide to Safety Over Sensationalism
August 12, 2013
Mexico Crime Statistics

Mexico has very low violent crime rates. Tourists are statistically safer in Mexico and much less likely to be a victim of violent crime than in the US, Canada and many other countries regarded as safe.

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