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More Gay Campgrounds Continued...

May 20, 2017
After having our last tour of Gay Campgrounds cut short due to family emergencies, we pick up where we left off determined to finish our RV adventure.  One of the main reasons for finishing this road trip is we are on a mission to find the perfect campground where we can spend our summers when we leave Puerto Vallarta.  

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Gay Campgrounds in the Eastern U.S. and Canada

September 01, 2016
We have started our 120 day RV road trip exporing Gay Campgrounds in the eastern United States and Canada this summer before I launch our new Gay Campground Directory where we will offer video reviews of the campgrounds we visit.  Check out our road trip map to see our route. 

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Gay Cuba Revisited

August 31, 2016
After our first visit to Cuba a couple years ago, we decide to revisit it and check out some other cities besides Havana.  Having made a contact with a local Cuban we do a home exchange on the island of La Isla de la Joventud which rarely sees tourists.  With a local tourguide in hand we navigate the countryside visiting towns such as Cien Fuegos and Camaguey.  

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Zipolite Oaxaca - Sand, Sun, and Nudity!

June 17, 2016
Zipolite is the only gay nude beach in Mexico.  It is located along the infamous bays of Huatulco, just south of Puerto Escondido. This small bohemian village has been popular with Hippies, Europeans and nudist since the seventies.  An Italian film named "Puerto Escondido" about the Mafia has inspired many Italian tourists and transplants to this rustic beach town.  
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Texas to Vancouver RV Road Trip

April 27, 2015

We head out for another RV and camping adventure, this time from Texas to Vancouver where we visit some major gay camping events along the way including Pride Float in Missouri, TRC in WashingtonRendezvous Wyoming, and Umpquas Last Resort during their gay weekend as well as some other gay campgrounds in the area.

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American North East RV Road Trip

August 25, 2014
It has long been on my bucket list to see the changing of the leafs that the American North East is so famous for in the fall season.  So this year we decided to take the longest RV adventure we have taken so far, an approximate 60 days all the way up into southern Canada and back to Texas before we head south into Mexico for the winter.  
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Texas to Florida RV Road Trip

April 30, 2014

After spending the winter in our home in Puerto Vallarta we began to get RV withdrawals and we were ready for another road trip like the one we took last summer to California which can also be seen on my blog at California RV Road Trip.  So on May 11th 2014 we set out from Houston in our Fleetwood Discovery headed for the Florida Keys along with my mother and our 5 dogs!

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Road Trip Through the Colonial Towns of Mexico

April 29, 2014

Road Trip Map
Our previous road trips across the border served to be a realization of how much we are influenced by the negative media and how damaging this sensationalism can be on so many levels to the Mexican people and our international relations. So I decided to video blog our adventure so you can see for yourself.  

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Is Driving to Mexico Dangerous?

April 29, 2014

After recent years of sensationalism around the “dangers” of Mexico, promoted by the American media, we decided to find out for ourselves. Considering we had recently bought a home south of the border and quickly assimilated into the expat community in Puerto Vallarta, we were meeting more and more people who drove back and forth every year despite the horror stories the media fed us on a regular basis including U.S. Secretary of State travel warnings urging it’s citizens not to travel to Mexico.

So I thought, what better way to document the trip then by video? I, like most American’s did not know what to expect once we crossed that forbidden border. Would we be entering a war zone filled with banditos down desolate dirt roads lurking behind cactus bushes, just waiting to rape and pillage? One could only hope! So with our GPS in hand we coral the puppies, load up our luxury SUV filled to the rim with illegal imports and fake receipts. We figured if we were going to do it, we were going all the way. We couldn’t of looked any gayer if we tried, not to mention we were two men traveling with four prissy dogs with pink bedazzled collars.  I think we were both secretly hoping for a full body cavity search at the border! I had my poppers in hand just in case.  

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